Friday, June 12, 2009

Secret Lovers

That's what we are!!

Sorry Charlie, but I've found a new lover in the desert. He takes care of my needs when I am at my lowest and need him the most. He gives me the juiciest kisses ever. He's so warm; never cold (Diane took care of that*). He always gives; never takes. He's the only one that comforts me when I am struggling....

Yes, I think I have fallen in love with my water bottle.

It all happened a couple of days ago. For those of you that aren't too familiar with the yoga, we begin with a breathing exercise, followed by 3 'warm up postures', and then it's party time. So, after about 30 minutes we take a quick water break - no water is allowed before party time. Well.... the other day while I'm in Eagle (the third warm up posture), I look down longingly and pathetically at my water bottle. It seems this humidity thing is a bit of an issue in the desert (ya think?). I have noticed two degrees of humidity in the hot room here in Desert Springs:

1. Oppressively humid, as in, when it's quiet enough, I can hear the sweat falling from everyone like rain.

2. Bone dry.

This day was a bone dry day. My throat was dry. So dry. I may have actually been sick that day too (which may explain the delusion I am about to describe). Yes, come to think of it, I believe I was quite sick that day. I look at my bottle. Party time is so so so close, but I just don't know if I can make it. As my arms and legs are twisted (yes, like ropes), and I am sitting down (yes, in the chair - not the bar stool), I start considering my situation. What exactly will happen if I partake before the par-tay? Does one spontaneously combust? Does Bikram throw you out, not refund your money, and banish you from practicing his yoga for life? Do you simply become known as the loser who didn't wait for the group break? Cut to me with that longing/puppy dog look on my face, staring down at the open mouth of my water bottle.

Then it talked to me.

Yep, it talked. That mouth moved. It had a voice similar to Barry White's. It said "Don't worry baby, we'll be together soon." That reassurance (reality check - from my WATER BOTTLE) kept me going. I think I nodded my head and thought "Ok, water bottle, you're right."

So this hot new love affair is going strong. In fact, every time I give it that same longing look, this plays in my mind (and no, I'm not just being silly; it really does):

* When Diane was here, she mentioned that ice in your water bottle is not a good idea in the hot room. This is not a habit I have a home, but it was really nice here in the desert. (Note, the past tense of that sentence).
One morning I am at the sign in table. Diane's happy, smiling face greets me.

Me: "Good morning!"
Diane: "Good morning! Is that ICE I see in your bottle??"
Me: A list of excuses and a look of shame.

I have been ice-free since then!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Half-Way Day!

Week 5 brought our half way point!

Happy half-way day, Shannon! What's your reaction?

Happy half-way day, roomie! What's your reaction?

Happy half-way day, mat-mate Joann! What's your reaction?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's Up / What's Going On??

I first thought I'd throw some Marvin Gaye in here, but when I was searching for "What's Going On" on youtube, 4 Non Blondes popped up. How could I say no to that 90's one hit wonder?? The flannel. The combat boots. The dark lipstick!! Sigh...

So yes, "WHAT'S GOING ON??" you ask! I am sorry I have not written about week 5 and 6, and it's almost the end of week 7! I have been a little overwhelmed and have not made time to hit the blog. The details of the weeks are a little fuzzy (I am having trouble remembering things that happened a few days ago, or even last night, honestly), but I will give you the headlines! :)

*Diane and Teri left at the end of week 5. Diane taught class on Friday morning, and don't know how she does it, but the woman makes me emotional! It's like she opens her mouth and tears pour from my eyes. So yeah, that class was another tough one for me. To give myself a little credit, this was the week they pulled out all the emotional stuff on us. Staff members told very personal stories of how their lives were drastically changed by doing the yoga, and Manali performed an emotional chant the same evening we heard all the stories. So all that was brewing for me, and I didn't think it had that much of an effect on me. Well, come Friday morning it's HOT, I'm feeling overwhelmed, people are taking photos all class for the yearbook, and because I chose a spot in the front/middle today, I am in the background of a lot of these pictures sitting out postures and/or weeping. Awesome. After sitting out 3 postures in a row, trying to keep myself from making audible sobs, and therefore keeping myself from breathing, I decide it's time.
I. Need. To. Leave. The. Room.
I just had to get myself together so I can finish the class. So that's what I did. Judes came to my rescue and talked me out of totally freaking out.

Other highlights (but I don't know that I would categorize the former as an actual 'highlight') of week 5 & 6:
* Jon Burras (the fascia guy) came to talk to us about ... well... fascia, and his thoughts on parenting, which pushed a couple buttons seeing as he admitted to having no children. So that's neither here nor there. He had some pretty cool props, and I am just like a child - pretty, shiny, colorful things with lots of movement; you've going my attention.

Danielle being a good sport and demonstrating how everything in the body is wrapped with fascia!

* Lisa from San Antonio rallied all the visiting teachers to throw us a pizza party. Let me tell you - this was the most pizza I had ever SEEN. It was like Christmas morning! HUGE stacks of pizza boxes everywhere. What's in this one? What's in the one buried under ten other boxes. It was a TON of food and SO SO SO nice of them!

* Manali had a birthday and was so nice to buy treats for everyone!

Raj and Manali on Raj and Bikram's 25 wedding anniversary.

* We were honored to have Dr. Das (Rajashree's teacher) lecture to us! He was such a sweet man, and gave very informative lectures.

* Posture clinics really gained some speed around week 6. We started doing 2 a day for 3 hours at a time. Unfortunately, I got sick (again, dang it!!) during the same week, and it affected my delivery of postures. I kind of bombed Tree/Toe Stand and Wind Removing, but I rebounded at the beginning of this week after I was able to study well over the weekend, and could once again breathe through both nostrils at the same time.

I think I got all the biggies from the last two weeks... and what the heck, here's a little Marvin, just for fun!!