Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Half-Way Day!

Week 5 brought our half way point!

Happy half-way day, Shannon! What's your reaction?

Happy half-way day, roomie! What's your reaction?

Happy half-way day, mat-mate Joann! What's your reaction?


  1. Hahahaha! I look SO excited to do another 4.5 weeks. What was I thinking? :)

  2. LOVE this picture of Joann! Please let her know that all her yoga buddies from the KM studio is San Diego miss her and can't WAIT to take her first class! ~Rose~

  3. Rose -

    Will do!! I am so happy I met Joann! She is such a doll, and one of my very favorite mat-mates :) !


  4. Hey there! Nice reading your is funny and touching. I saw this pic of Joann and realized I know her from KM. Way to go girls! You are inspiring to us all.

    Love, Jennifer Peacock

    P.S. Like Rose, I look forward to having a new teacher in the house!

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