Monday, May 18, 2009


Yes, Diane arrived yesterday! It is so cool to have her here! She taught the morning class, and let me just say, I am glad I know/love/appreciate her already! This morning's class was like WHOA. Wow, did I have my butt kicked. I mean kicked doesn't even really describe it. I was embarrassed at how much I had to sit out. But there is always the next class, right? :) I have to remind myself of that: that class is over, and now it's on to the next one!

I will have a video of Diane's introduction up soon. I tried to get it done now, but it is taking too long to upload and I have an anatomy class calling my name .... :)


  1. You keep going girl, I will see you next week... can't wait -Teri

  2. That's right, she is an all- STAR. You only put 4 stars though... I think you need 5 or 6. ;) xoxo Juliana

  3. Hi, I gave Susan Plante a link to the blog and she responded:

    Hi Charlie, thanks for the email. Just finished reading Jen's entire blog before bed, it is so awesome, she is so so funny and smart on that computer huh? (Fireman did good ha ha!)

    See you soon, thanks was great!

  4. I've been reading, but in my google feed so I'm lazy about leaving a comment-- sorry! You're awesome! That's about all I have to say and would comment it over and over, but that seems extraneous. One more time though, you're awesome!


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