Saturday, April 25, 2009

Packing List

Shopping for all the silly little things I need to take with me has been a lot of fun, and, most importantly, an awesome distraction! I have studied the Dialogue (the 'script' written by Bikram by which an instructor leads a class), practiced my yoga, and now having my packing list complete makes me feel I am really prepared to go! (And I like being prepared!)

On top of regular clothes, the usual toiletries, camera, laptop, ipod, cell, and needed charging devices, here's a sample of the stuff I am hoping to get into one checked bag (weighing under 50 lbs, mind you) and one carry on bag. (Thanks again for the luggage, mom and dad!)

The list consists of:

  • A new bathing suit (that my butt hangs out of. It was the best I could find, really! I figure A. I can sit on my butt and B. Crazy intense yoga twice a day should help that some.)
  • LOTS of comfortable clothes for posture clinics
  • Two cover-ups for going to and from yoga class - so the other guests aren't "offended" and for the pool!
  • Lots of headbands
  • New slippers
  • A TON of awesome new Shakti fancy pants - so I can wash the funk out easily, and lay them out to dry - no fuss, no muss (Thank you, sweet Charlie :) )
  • Dr. Bronners tea tree oil soap to wash said funk out of said Shakti fancy pants
  • Tea trea oil to mix with water and clean my mat
  • Happy, BRIGHT yellow yoga mat (which, by the way, pretty much doesn't exist in 1/8'' size)
  • 2, count 'em, 2 water bottles - see which one I like best
  • The biggest container of powdered Gatorade ever created
  • Powerbars and granola bars galore
  • Hot pot
  • Individual serving size blender - it promises to be able to handle ice - we shall see if it lives up to these promises
  • Protein powder
  • Knock off brand of Emergen-C
  • Cutting board and knife
  • Earplugs for the Bollywood movies that are said to be played at deafening volumes
  • An AWESOME Wonderwoman notebook - a sweet gift from Cindy - she wanted to inspire me to channel my inner Wonderwoman
  • GUMMY VITAMINS - HA! They make them for adults, too!!
  • Tennis balls - not to hit, but to roll around on - feels good on your back - try it! I have a feeling I'm really going to need those!
  • Nail polish for the toes - this is a necessity when most of your time is spent barefoot
  • Tupperware - to steal from the buffet!
  • New flip flops
  • More food stuff - applesauce, fruit leathers, etc.
  • LAMINATED AND SPIRAL BOUND DIALOGUE! Oh yeah! So I can study in the hot tub!

A sample of the fancy pants with Wonderwoman in the background. My goal was to buy the most ridiculous print shorts they had. I succeeded!

GUMMY VITAMINS??? How lucky can I get??

Pretty cover up I found at my favorite dress store in town.

So yeah, now I have to *pack* all this .... we'll see how that one goes! I leave at 5:30 am tomorrow!!

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