Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog title

Hooray, the adventure has officially started! I have left and am waiting to board a flight to Phoenix. It is "free wifi weekend" in the Philly airport, so I thought I'd take advantage of the few minutes I have and write a quick post. I realized that the majority of people reading my blog won't get the blog title, "Like a flower petal blooming". It comes from the dialogue, in the first posture, Half Moon. In the end of this posture you are encouraged to "Push your (right/left) shoulder forward, opening up the chest like a flower petal blooming." It's just one of the metaphors (or would this technically be a simile?) that you roll your eyes at after about 15 times of hearing it, come to accept after about 50 times, and eventually ('in the future' ... sorry, another dialogue-ism) you come to love. Everyone's favorite, of course, being the 'Japanese ham sandwich' you're supposed to turn your body into. So, I thought the 'flower petal blooming' was a little silly, but appropriate and just natural for a blog following my yoga journey.
Namaste, y'all.

Bikram assisting Charlie in Half Moon, during his training :)

Oh sweet ... they just announced we have a 'maintenance issue' with the plane and can't give us an estimated departure time, but suggest we check with the ticket counter if we have connecting flights leaving before 11am. My connecting flight is at 11:35 .... hmmmmm....


  1. When I got your email that you were leaving for LA I started crying cause you are even farther away from me. I'm so happy for you... and a little jealouse. You seem so happy and focused and determined. mwah mwah mwah. Your are going to be an awesome twisty bobcat pretzel and I know it!

  2. Well of course SOME of us get the blog title!! that is one of my favorite lines. I actually wrote down "FLOWER PETAL BLOOMING" and put it in the suggestion box at my new studio in Cali cause I was bummed that no one was saying it, and now all the teachers have started saying it again... muahahaha... and I loooove that you have that pic of Charlie's half moon with boss, so cute.

    xoxo, Juliana


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